The Don Edde Awards

The Don Edde Award is named in honor of the founder of the Life and Health Compliance Association (the “Association”). The executive committee, at its discretion, bestows this award to the nominee (or nominees) who demonstrate outstanding service to the Association and the insurance compliance community. Some examples of outstanding service may include:

  • Ongoing leadership and volunteerism;
  • Continuous, active participation and leadership during meetings;
  • Commitment to the growth and improvement of the Association;
  • Commitment to the highest standard of professionalism and ethics;
  • Proactive effort to involve new participants and first-timers in meetings;
  • Other criteria the executive committee deems appropriate.

Don Edde Award Past Award Recipients
Karen Alvarado Spring 2005
David Milligan Spring 2005
June Stracener Fall 2005
Jeff Link Winter 2006
Alisa White Winter 2006
Jim Latteman Spring 2006
Ginny McHugh Fall 2006
Jim Ellis Spring 2007
Jim Ruegg Spring 2008
Brenda Sievers Spring 2009
Bill Douglas Spring 2010
Deborah Grantham Spring 2011
Fred Alvarado Spring 2012
Michael Granger Spring 2013
Marc Cavadel Spring 2014
Mark Wessel Spring 2015
Larry Gardner Spring 2016
Sandy Meltzer Spring 2017
Cindy Meyer Spring 2018

Award Presentation:
The award will be presented during the general session of the Spring meeting following selection of that year’s recipient.

Nomination Process
Any Association member may nominate a candidate for the Don Edde Award. Nominations may be made at anytime, however nominations must be received at least 2 months prior to a Spring meeting to be considered for that year’s award.
Please send your award nominations to:
Shawna Pope at:; or to Cindy Meyer at:

LHCA Meeting #119:
Virtual Meeting via Zoom

Date: October 19, 2022 to October 20, 2022
Location: Virtual Meeting via Zoom
Hosted By: LHCA Executive Committee
Price: $100

The format of LHCA meetings is primarily question and answer. Attendees are asked to submit their compliance questions in advance of the meeting.